Route Planning

Route Planning

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Published by TripLog Team

Route planning is a TripLog feature built on Google maps, that allows you to create optimal routes between multiple destinations; up to 8 stops. This means you can enter in a series of destinations and stops and the app will generate the best route between all of them. How it works: It starts from your current location and loops back as a round trip. You begin to add other destinations and stops you plan to visit and the app will plan a completely optimized route for you. Tutorial: Route planning can be found on the main navigation menu. It will take you to a screen showing recently visited locations and the locations you’ve already named on the top for easy selection. The app will automatically set your current location as the starting point and ending point, so there is no need to select it. To add locations not on the list, simply press on the plus icon on the blue bar. You can add an address and name it. To plan the route, select the stops from the list and when you’re done press the upward arrow button at the bottom of the screen. It will switch to the Google Maps, and be ready to start navigation.
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