Expense Tracking With TripLog

Give your employees the ability to submit, review, and approve expense reports with TripLog. Keep an organized record of your business’s transactions and generate detailed expense reports to help make sound decisions.

From as little as: $6/User/Mo


Automatic Photo Receipt Capture

Simply snap a photo of your receipt and the TripLog mileage tracker app will automatically fill in the details via optical character recognition (OCR). TripLog’s expense tracking allows you to categorize your transactions, giving you a complete picture of your bottom line.


Streamlined Expense Management

With TripLog’s company mileage & expense tracking solutions, it’s never been simpler to enforce spending policies.

Easily assign custom tags and categories, managed from the back office, to each expense entry. They can be used to classify expenses for any business purpose, from cost codes to client-specific.

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Submit With Just A Click

Say goodbye to workarounds, emails, and manual logs. Drivers can easily capture and submit their expenses for approval through TripLog.

More than 1/3 of employees forget to claim their expenses. TripLog streamlines your expense management process, improving your team’s overall satisfaction.


Approve Expenses With Confidence

Managers can easily review and approve expense reports from the intuitive TripLog dashboard, and get valuable reports on expenditure.

With our easy-to-understand dashboard interface, you can see all of your expense data in one convenient place.

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Bank and Credit Card Integration

Manage and reconcile business expenses by adding your business credit card or bank account. Automatically download bank or credit card feeds from over 10,000 financial institutions.

Tax Savings

With the ability to track tolls, parking, fuel, meals and other business expenses, you always have an IRS-compliant summary of your travel expenses for audit-proof tax returns or mileage reimbursement. TripLog also reduces your labor costs by seamlessly integrating with popular accounting, payroll, and travel management software solutions – as well as securely downloading bank and credit card feeds – so you never have to waste time doing redundant data entry. TripLog allows your company to easily implement spending policies, manage all expense information and data in one convenient dashboard, and easily process expense reports.

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Mileage Reimbursement Savings Calculator

Using outdated manual mileage logs can cost businesses thousands of dollars per year in lost time and incorrect reimbursements. See how much TripLog can help you save!

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Annual mileage reimbursement costs based on the numbers you provided.

Annual Mileage Reimbursement

50 mi/day x 100 drivers x $0.54 (5 days x 50 wks)


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According to research, on average employees inflate the mileage by 25% when self reported.

Estimated Reimbursement Savings

25% x Annual Mileage Reimbursement


People on average spend 2 minutes on manually recording trips.

Manual Entry Hours

2 mins x 10 trips/day x 100 drivers (5 days x 50 wks)

8,334 hr

Taking national average $25 hourly rate.

Estimated Labor Savings

Avg. $25/hr x Manual Entry Hours


Your Company

could save

(Labor Savings + Reimbursement Savings) / Number of Drivers


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