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Manual Reports Have a Price TagCut Operational Costs by 28% Per Employee With TripLog

Manually processing mileage and expense reports costs companies an average of $3913 and 58 hours per user each year. TripLog gives companies the tools they need to reduce time spent on processing reports.

In addition to being the market’s most full-featured mileage reimbursement solution, TripLog can track your team’s expenses, timesheets, and schedules. Learn more about how TripLog supports all aspects of mobile team management.

Processing mileage reimbursements manually can be fraught with inefficiencies. TripLog gives your on-the-road employees the ability to streamline their recordkeeping for accurate reimbursement requests.

TripLog’s sleak, easy-to-use mileage tracker app gives drivers a powerful way to automate their mileage tracking and expense management. Drivers can be confident they’re never missing a deductible mile.

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Automatic Mileage Tracking, Made Easy

The TripLog dashboard provides convenient reporting capabilities for companies of all sizes. With the ability to track tolls, parking, fuel, meals, and other business expenses, you always have an IRS-compliant log of your travel expenses for audit-proof tax returns or company reimbursement.

TripLog also reduces your labor costs by seamlessly integrating with popular accounting, payroll, and travel management software solutions – as well as securely downloading bank and credit card feeds – so you never have to waste time doing redundant data entry.

Over 1.7 billion miles tracked, over 5,500 reviews, and an average of 4.7 stars

The Most Full-Featured Mileage Tracking App.

TripLog provides accurate automatic mileage tracking for tax deductions and reimbursements for businesses. It also helps you track business expenses no matter how big or small your company is. We also assist enterprises that offer reimbursement to their employees.

TripLog saves companies an average of 59 hours of administrative time per driver per year. With precise visibility and controls, our solutions help limit improper requests and have helped companies reduce annual mileage reimbursement costs by more than 25%.

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Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and over 500,000 users worldwide.

Gary Wozniak
Gary Wozniak
Recovery Park (Founder and CEO)
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Before TripLog, I was doing manual accounting with an Excel spreadsheet. I needed a way to streamline the process and save time. I first heard about TripLog from my CPA, and what piqued my interest was the ease of using the program. I decided to do business with TripLog after comparing them against other programs. I concluded that TripLog was the most efficient way to track miles driven and expenses.
Saso Venovski
Saso Venovski (Realtor)
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As a realtor, I do a lot of short trips around town, and trying to keep a written record of them was a real pain in the neck. There was always a notepad and pen in my car, but I still got distracted from time to time and did not record the correct information. The auto start feature of TripLog's mileage tracker really piqued my interest.
David Otto
David Otto
Licensed Massage Therapist
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I was looking for an easier way to track & report my business miles. TripLog's mileage tracker came up with all the features I wanted to employ when traveling for personal and business reasons. The reports were amazing and the app has always been flawless. Going into a 100%-load of self-employment work, travel was (and still is) a key consideration and cost in my operations. I searched the Google Play Store and compared many solutions, looking at ease of use as a primary motivator for downloading and using it for a considerable amount of time before purchasing, before I used and settled on TripLog.
Brenden Rendo
Brenden Rendo
Next Home Neighborhood Realty
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I was logging my mileage manually, and kept a log book in my care. What frustrated me was that I would forget to enter a trip, misplace my log book, and have to estimate. I discovered TripLog's mileage tracker on a Google Play search. I could use it on my phone and it started tracking with my car's movement. I gave it a try immediately, and have been using it ever since. It has become second nature to me.
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