Auto Start GPS Mileage Log Tracking

Automatic GPS Mileage Log Tracker App

The most innovative and feature-rich fleet management and mileage log tracker app. You can trigger TripLog by plugging in to a power source or connecting to a Bluetooth device. Once you drive more than 5 miles per hour, the TripLog mobile app will automatically start your GPS to track your mileage. No need to tap the screen.

Data Sync to the Cloud

Data Sync between Web and Mobile

Sync and merge data between web and mobile devices instantaneously. This automatic mileage log tracker app works across Android and iOS devices. You can edit your data on the web or on your phone. This will ensure that your data will be recorded, even when your mobile device is temporarily offline.

Workforce and Fleet Management

Workforce and Fleet Management

Manage your entire team or fleet with the help of TripLog's built-in GPS fleet tracking system. Display actual driving routes and vehicle locations on a map online. Generate IRS compliant mileage reports for tax deduction or reimbursement for all vehicles in one click.