How Can TripLog Benefit Your Business?

Is your company losing money on car allowance, fuel cards, or over reimbursement and you don’t know how to fix it?  With cost saving tools, TripLog delivers the best ROI of its class, makes the employees accountable, and reveals driving route and tracks time for measuring job performance.

Does managing monthly expense reimbursement become increasingly a pain-in-the-butt?  TripLog Cloud solution offers state-of-art Dashboard that makes reviewing and approving mileage a breeze.  With no-obligation free trial and user training sessions, on-boarding process is also as easy as it can get.

Pen and paper or spreadsheet is a thing of the past.  It’s time to upgrade to modern mobile technology. TripLog platform runs on Amazon AWS, follows the industry best practice and NIST framework, and delivers the best security.  It’s HIPAA compliant and PCI certified, and integrates with SSO with Active Directory.

Imaging canned and customizable reports at your fingertips, with TripLog, you can easily review mileage expenses and run reports from the web Dashboard and submit to payroll.  If you use Concur or QuickBooks Online, TripLog integrates directly with them. Or it integrates with any system using our web API.

At TripLog, we take data privacy concerns seriously.  Nobody wants Big Brother.  We are dedicated to protect your personal trips from revealing to the company.  We also don’t share your data with any third-party.  At the same time, with multiple automatic tracking options, trip recording becomes much easier than ever before. 


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Mileage & Expense Tracking and Reimbursement

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