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What sets us apart is our intuitive Daily Trip Journey UI design and more than six innovative ways to track mileage. We believe giving customers more options and more control is the key to our success.

Your Taxes and More

TripLog is designed heavily with taxes in mind.  Our reports were taken literally from the tax forms.  When you send to your accountant, they will be sure to love it.


Make life easier, with more Auto Start options

We believe one solution does not fit all.  That’s why we created more than six different mileage tracking options to best fit your needs, from working-from-behind-the-scene MagicTrip™ to connect to Car Bluetooth, from Plug-N-Go™ to connect to iBeacon, from reading odometer through OBD-II scanner to manual GPS tracking, you can certainly find your favorite.


Daily trip journey, totally makes sense

Why stuck with only looking at one trip at a time?  Our Daily Trip Journey view gives you a contiguous overview of the entire day.  You can see more trips and do more classification, and easily go back and see the entire history of all the trips.


Daily map view, the big picture

Why stop at the traditional text-based trip overview?  How about putting all the trips together on a map?  With the Daily Map View, you can review the driving route of the entire day and swipe the trip cards to go through each one of them.  What you get is a big picture of the travel journal.


Receipt photos, filing with confidence

Snap a photo of the receipt and be ready for the tax time.  TripLog not only tracks car mileage, it also tracks business income and expenses, giving you a complete picture of your business bottomline.


Tax Savings

Mileage deduction is the single biggest tax saving item for rider share drivers. On average drivers claim more than $3,000 a year on mileage deduction. TripLog is the perfect tool for drivers on the road who often find other mileage apps stopping in the middle of traffic or not stopping when drive off to the next pickup. With TripLog Plug-N-Go, drivers can plug in and unplug, the pattern that is best suited to fine control the trips.

Drive more than 10,000 miles a year for your real estate business? That can easily translate to more than $5,400 tax deduction. Don’t give up your hard-earned money to the government. TripLog innovative Auto Start feature when connects to car Bluetooth or iBeacon is the perfect solution for busy realtors on-the-go.  It tracks every single trip even just a block away, which gives you the maximum tax deduction.

TripLog is built with Truckers in mind.  It records state-by-state mileage for your IFTA reports.  It also tracks Scale and Lumpers charges, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and marks Per Diem days.  Owner-Operators can choose to install TripLog on each driver’s phones, or plug in a smartphone (a retired or spare one is just fine) as a dedicated tracking device for each vehicle, and choose Plug-N-Go tracking option. 

Any independent contractors with a side-gig or a self-employed business can benefit from mileage tax deduction using personal cars for business.  But you need to keep detailed records.  TripLog is one of very few apps that keeps track of odometer reading for each trip, which is required by the IRS.  Using fully automated MagicTrip tracking option, TripLog takes away the burden so you can focus on your business.

TripLog is loved by tens of thousands of tax professionals because its ease-of-use and IRS compliant reports.  Accountants and bookkeepers can use TripLog for their clients in a similar way as QuickBooks accounts.  You choose to offer TripLog as a value-added service to your practice and pay a wholesale price, or let the clients pay directly with a deep discount.  

Mileage & Expense Tracking and Reimbursement


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