TripLog Time Tracking

Easily track & log time by project, client, or task, or simply clock-in and out with TripLog time tracking. Backed by precise GPS data, easily see who’s working where, manage daily routes, and dispatch with ease.

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Mobile Time Tracking

Easily track and see time for every single task, project, and customer (or own employees and department). That way you always know how many hours are tracked, the estimated time use on the project, and how many hours you have already invoiced.

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Submit With Just A Click

Say goodbye to workarounds, emails, and manual logs. Easily track time, categorize by project, client, or code, and submit for approval through TripLog.

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Easy Approval and Seamless Processing

Managers can easily review and approve time reports from the intuitive TripLog dashboard. Get in-depth summaries and detailed reports with just a click, and export reports to connect to your payroll and accounting systems.

triplog time manage clock schedules


Efficient Team Management

Track progress at a glance, see where your team has allocated time, and discover inefficiencies to improve. With GPS location points, add a layer of accountability to your company. Easily manage multiple locations and offices.

Best Mileage app

Feature Comparison Table

We value consumer choices. That’s why we offer the best set of features and customization on the market. See how TripLog stacks up against some of the other top mileage tracking apps. 

Lite Premium Premium + Time Enterprise
Monthly pricing for single user Free $6 $8 Custom
Limit 40 trips on reports YES -- -- --
Manual trip tracking YES YES YES YES
Expense tracking (fuel, meals, etc.) YES YES YES YES
Tolls & Parking YES YES YES YES
Calculate fuel economy YES YES YES YES
Lifetime bug fixes and improvements YES YES YES YES
Auto trip tracking -- YES YES YES
Web dashboard -- YES YES YES
Track driving safety -- YES YES YES
Sync with your bank/credit cards -- YES YES YES
Data sync with web and multiple devices -- YES YES YES
Customizable tax compliant reports -- YES YES YES
Weekly and monthly email summary -- YES YES YES
Apple/Android wear -- YES YES YES
Read odometer through OBD-II devices -- YES YES YES
Route Planning -- YES YES YES
Automatic daily backup to cloud -- YES YES YES
Accountants dashboard -- YES YES YES
Google & Outlook Calendar Integration -- YES YES YES
QuickBooks / Xero / SAP Concur -- YES YES YES
Company admin console -- -- -- YES
Time Tracking -- -- YES YES
Turn on/off certain features -- -- -- YES
Approval management -- -- -- YES
Department/Office -- -- -- YES
Real-time fleet location tracking -- -- -- YES
Web API -- -- -- YES
Single sign-on with SAML 2.0 (on-premises or Azure cloud) -- -- -- YES
Company address book -- -- -- YES
Time tracking reports -- -- -- YES
Lock user auto start option, and rights -- -- -- YES
Commute mileage exemption -- -- -- YES
Google maps distance vs. actual distance -- -- -- YES
Data privacy & encryption policies (HIPAA) -- -- -- YES
Custom tags (project number, client id) -- -- -- YES
Company defined custom fields -- -- -- YES
TripLog MileIQ Everlance QuickBooks Self Employed
Annual pricing for single user $40 $60 $60 $120
User ratings TripLog star review TripLog star review TripLog star review TripLog star review
Standard auto tracking YES YES YES YES
Bluetooth auto tracking YES -- -- --
iBeacon auto tracking YES -- -- --
Plug-N-Go auto tracking YES -- -- --
Manual tracking YES -- YES --
Read odometer thru OBD-II YES -- -- --
Apple Watch / Android Wear YES -- -- --
Daily trips map view YES -- -- --
Expense tracking with bank/card integration YES -- YES YES
Concur integration YES YES -- --
QuickBooks Onlne integration YES -- -- --
Company admin dashboard YES -- -- --
Web API YES -- -- --

* This table compares the full feature plans of TripLog, MileIQ, Everlance, and QuickBooks Self Employed.

TripLog Enterprise Plan feature.


Time Tracking By Industry

Mileage, Expense & Time Tracking and Reimbursement


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Mileage Reimbursement Savings Calculator

Number of drivers

Average miles daily per person

Number of trips daily



Annual mileage reimbursement costs based on the numbers you provided.

Annual Mileage Reimbursement

50mi/day x 100drivers x $0.54 (5days x 50wks)


This is the inline help tip! You can explain to your users what this section of your web app is about.

According to research, on average employees inflate the mileage by 25% when self reported.

Estimated Reimbursement Savings

25% x Annual Mileage Reimbursement


People on average spend 2 minutes on manually recording trips.

Manual Entry Hours

2mins x 10trips/day x 100drivers (5days x 50wks)

8,334 hr

Taking national average $25 hourly rate.

Estimated Labor Savings

Avg. $25/hr x Manual Entry Hours