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The revolutionary GPS mileage tracking device with a trip classification button. Built specifically to solve the problem of iOS and Android closing background running apps.

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$79.99 USD

$120 USD

The revolutionary mileage tracking device built specifically for solving the problem of iOS and Android closing background running apps. The built-in GPS saves your phone battery and data. Classify trips with a physical button/indicator.

limited time offer

$79.99 USD

$120 USD


No data plan needed. No phone battery drain.

TripLog Drive™ captures GPS data and transmits to the TripLog App for processing through Bluetooth. Highly recommended for phones older than 2 years.


The most reliable mileage tracking system with the best user experience

Device + App

TripLog Drive™ captures your mileage, and the TripLog app provides a visual display, trip management, and additional storage. TripLog Drive™ and the TripLog app work in tandem.

Cutting edge technology.
Never miss a mile.

TripLog Drive™ requires zero battery and data consumption from your phone and is the most accurate mileage tracker – all for the least amount of drag to your phone. With its built-in storage, you will never miss a mile even if your phone is not available.

Just 3 easy steps to set up:

Plug into car’s USB

Connect app via Bluetooth

App syncs data to cloud

Tech specs

  • Advanced GPS chip: Concurrent reception of up to 3 GPS satellite systems
  • GPS searching time: First trip of the day: 30s – 2m. Subsequent trips: 1s – 5s
  • Real-time & offline tracking modes: 4MB memory, holds up to 1 month of driving data
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0: Connection with mobile phones
  • Powered by car USB: Offloads mobile phone battery drain
  • Trip classification button: Push to classify with a 3-color LED button/indicator


Frequently Asked Questions

– iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0+: iPhone 4S and later, iPad (3rd generation) and later, iPad Mini (1st generation) and later

– Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0+ and Android OS 4.3+

TripLog Drive has a built-in GPS that does the heavy lifting. It connects the phone with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy which has minimum impact on the phone battery use (less than 1%). The device itself is powered by your car’s USB port or cigarette lighter adapter, and the power consumption is very small for most vehicles.

Please note: the TripLog Drive works the best when the USB port is powered on only when the engine is running. If the USB port is always on, the auto start may not work properly.

TripLog Drive captures GPS data and transmits it to the TripLog app for processing. Rest assured, the amount of data the TripLog app uploads to the cloud is very small. In a typical month, one would expect the data used to be less than 10Mb.

Yes. TripLog Drive has an offline tracking mode. Normally, TripLog Drive connects to your phone automatically and relays the GPS data to the TripLog app for processing. That’s the default real-time tracking mode.

If it can’t find your phone, TripLog Drive will store the GPS data on its built-in flash storage and which can then be later downloaded and processed when it connects to the app.

When TripLog Drive is powered on, the default color is White. That means the trip activity is determined by the TripLog mobile app’s Auto Start settings; e.g. M-F 9-6 are for Business, other times are for Personal.

If you press the button/light once, it changes to Blue and overrides the trip activity to Business. When pressed again, the light changes to Green, and it makes the trip Personal. Pressed one more time and it changes back to White.

The trip activity is determined by the color of the light at the time when the trip is stopped, so you can “change your mind” while the trip is still running.

A blinking light means TripLog Drive is searching for GPS fixes. Depending on the reception, usually when TripLog Drive is powered on for the first time on a given day (or “cold start”), the search time is 30s – 2m. On a subsequent start (or “warm start”), the search time is 1s – 5s.

When TripLog Drive is powered on for the very first time, or on a rainy or cloudy day, the search time could be up to 5m.

Open the TripLog app > Auto Start Settings > Auto Start on > choose the TripLog Drive option. Then plug in TripLog Drive. The app will automatically connect to the device and start tracking. Your trip status will be shown on the app and phone notifications. You can also choose to associate the Drive device to which vehicle record in the app settings.

For more information, please visit our knowledgebase for iOS or Android app. 

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