Easy QuickBooks Mileage Reimbursements and Invoices

Upload TripLog mileage data to Intuit QuickBooks as mileage reimbursement expenses and bills payable to your employees or yourself, or as invoices to bill your customers.

What you'll need to integrate TripLog and QuickBooks


Why do you need TripLog for QuickBooks?

TripLog Mileage Tracking App effortlessly and accurately records your trip data to make sure you never miss a mile. With our QuickBooks integration, you can easily bill, expense, or invoice your trip mileage for quick and easy mileage reimbursement.


Connect TripLog to QuickBooks Online

Connecting QuickBooks to your TripLog account is easier than ever! Simply log in to your QuickBooks online account and allow access to your Triplog Account. Once you have connected your accounts, you are ready to drive!


Upload Mileage and Expenses to QuickBooks

Once your accounts are connected, you have the option to choose how you upload your mileage–as expenses, bills, or invoices. Now you are ready to upload mileage expenses to QuickBooks from your TripLog mobile app!


Concur, QuickBooks, FreshBooks Integration

Triplog Enterprise plan comes with built in integrations to Concur, Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Freshbooks. Unlike other apps, once TripLog is connected to the these platforms, you can carry out your tasks directly from the web dashboard.


TripLog QuickBooks Integration Guide

There are 3 ways TripLog uploads mileage data with QuickBooks Online.  Each has its own use case.  Please follow each section to see the how it works.

Upload as Expenses

This is to upload mileage expense amount as QuickBooks Expense entries to yourself or your employees as reimbursement.  If you’ve set up QuickBooks Payroll and have other employees or yourself as an employee, this is the best way to expense yourself or reimburse your employees.


Upload as Bills

If you don’t have QuickBooks Payroll or the person is not set up as an Employee in QuickBooks, you can choose to set them up as Vendors and create mileage reimbursement as Bills.  Then in QuickBooks, you can make payment to those Bills.


Upload as Invoices

This is another use case.  If your clients or customers pay you for the mileage you drive to their sites, you can track mileage with TripLog and upload the mileage as QuickBooks Invoices and send to the Customers.  You can choose to create separate Invoices, or Billable Expenses and manually add to existing Invoices, or create both.


Mileage & Expense Tracking and Reimbursement


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