TripLog For Healthcare Companies

Healthcare is an industry that demands diligence and consistency like no other. With TripLog’s powerful mileage, expense, and time tracking solutions, you can help your business avoid audits and save time, money, and headaches.

Travel & Mileage

Do Your Care Providers Travel To Meet Patients? Ensure Their Trips Are Logged Correctly.

Providers can import their address book of clients from Google Calendar or Outlook, giving them more control over their schedules.

With automatic mileage tracking, route classification, and detailed documentation, your team can easily export their driving summaries and file taxes with ease.


Manage Your Team's Expenses

TripLog's powerful expense management tools ensure that every dollar and cent is accounted for. Generate detailed expense reports to help you make sound decisions that will affect your business.

With TripLog's OCR capabilities, your team can simply snap a photo of their fuel receipts and our app will automatically fill in the data, giving you more control over your business's expenses.


Time Tracking Made Simple

Track each provider's schedule and see the time allotted for every single task, project, or patient. Categorize by project, client, or code, and your team can submit their hours for your approval.

Managers can review and approve time reports from TripLog's intuitive dashboard. Track progress at a glance, see where your team has allocated time, and discover inefficiencies to help your business grow.

Carnegie Mellon states that healthcare is among the top 3 sectors where time theft occurs. Using a modern time tracking app like TripLog is the best way to prevent it.

Top-Of-The-Line Solutions

All The Features Your Business Will Need In One Place

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Stay Compliant

You can rest assured knowing that all of our features are HIPAA compliant. In addition, TripLog’s reports are IRS, CRA, and HMRC compliant so you can avoid costly audits.

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Privacy Matters

Data security and privacy are our highest priority. TripLog protects PHI (protected health information) and PII (personally identifiable information) via the industry’s best encryption technology and data management policies.

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Review. Report. Rest Easy.

With TripLog, your team’s mileage is calculated with impeccable precision and their data is automatically added into detailed and intuitive expense reports.

An essential tool for businesses with traveling healthcare workers.

Whether your team member is an RN, home healthcare aid, or a specialty caregiver traveling between facilities and patients’ homes, they will need to accurately track their mileage, expenses, and hours for proper reimbursement. TripLog is the market’s best and most cost-effective tool to do so.

The Numbers: According to the United States Census Bureau, healthcare is the single biggest industry in the US, with over 20 million workers in 2018. This accounts for over 10% of the total workforce in the country.

Home Healthcare: Of that 20 million, nearly 1/20 are home healthcare providers. If your employees travel to provide healthcare services, it’s paramount that they accurately track their mileage, expenses, and time.

Integrations & Customers: TripLog is trusted by Fortune 100 companies such as Humana, as well as local healthcare groups such as MHMR of Tarrant County, TX. In addition, TripLog integrates with industry-leading tools like QuickBooksADP, and more.

Mileage, Expense & Time Tracking and Reimbursement


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Mileage Reimbursement Savings Calculator

Number of drivers

Average miles daily per person

Number of trips daily



Annual mileage reimbursement costs based on the numbers you provided.

Annual Mileage Reimbursement

50mi/day x 100drivers x $0.54 (5days x 50wks)


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According to research, on average employees inflate the mileage by 25% when self reported.

Estimated Reimbursement Savings

25% x Annual Mileage Reimbursement


People on average spend 2 minutes on manually recording trips.

Manual Entry Hours

2mins x 10trips/day x 100drivers (5days x 50wks)

8,334 hr

Taking national average $25 hourly rate.

Estimated Labor Savings

Avg. $25/hr x Manual Entry Hours