Easy Concur Mileage Capture and Submission

Use TripLog app to automatically capture mileage and submit to Concur for expense reporting.

What you'll need to integrate TripLog and Concur


Why do you need TripLog for Concur?

Concur only provides a manual mileage calculator and takes only Google Maps driving distance.  With TripLog, all trips are automatically captured, easily classified, and simply uploaded right in the app.


Connect TripLog to

With a simple setup process, you can easily connect TripLog account to your Concur account.  All you need to do is register a TripLog account, and click “Connect to Concur”.


Upload Mileage and Expenses to Concur

Upload trips to Concur as each expense entry.  It captures the trip date, mileage, locations, purpose, and notes.  You can do it from the mobile app, as well as the web dashboard.


Triplog Concur Integration Guide

TripLog uploads trips mileage, parking, fuel, and other business expenses along with receipt photos (if you have any) to your Concur account.

Step 1. Connect to Concur

Log in to your TripLog web account, click Concur on the menu bar, then filter trips and expenses by date range and/or activity.  If this is your first time, click the “Connect to Concur” button and then log in to your Concur account and allow TripLog access.

Step 2. Upload to Concur

Refine the search criteria and review the mileage, tolls, parking, expenses, etc; then click “Upload to Concur”. Select the Concur Report you want the trips and expenses to be uploaded to, and then click the “Upload” button.  If you don’t have any unsubmitted Concur reports, you can create one from TripLog.

Step 3. Review in Concur

TripLog will upload trips as Personal Car Mileage along with tolls, parking, and other expenses as QuickExpense and also any receipt images. You can then log in to your Concur account, navigate to the Report, and review the mileage entries. Click the “Import” button to review other expense entries and import them into the Report.  Then submit Concur reports for further approval.

Mileage & Expense Tracking and Reimbursement


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