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TripLog allows administrators to turn off components that do not fit their business criteria, such as: mileage, expense, time and scheduling, and/or trucking.  It can be customized at TripLog web dashboard -> Manage -> Settings -> Customization -> Turn on/off Features.

Auto start options are ways you can let the app automatically track vehicle mileage. We have several to choose from, such as: MagicTrip (most popular), TripLog Drive™ GPS device, TripLog Beacon, Plug-N-Go, Car Bluetooth, and more. 

TripLog Beacon:

– Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
– Assist mobile app with instant trip detection
– Low battery usage

TripLog Drive: 
– Advanced GPS chip: concurrent reception of up to 3 GPS satellite systems
– Real-time & offline tracking modes: 4MB memory, holds up to 1 month of driving data
– Near zero battery usage: offloads mobile phone GPS use
– Trip classification button: push to classify with a 3-color LED button/indicator

Battery usage can be increased than normal, however, to learn how to better preserve battery life, visit help center GPS and Battery use.  Or use TripLog Drive, which completely offloads the phone battery use.

TripLog uses a very small amount of cellular data, typically less than 10 MB per month.  For more information, visit help center Data Usage

Data syncs occur daily automatically, however, in order to do a manual data sync, go to: TripLog app -> Main Menu -> Your Plan -> Data Backup (on the top) -> Sync Data between Cloud and Device -> Merge Data (Recommended).


Quick Guide to TripLog App

Watch this guide to learn the basics about TripLog’s mileage tracking app.

Expense Tracking

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