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5 Tips to Help Amazon Flex and Amazon FBA Drivers to save more money


Amazon has been a boon over the last several months, offering Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) and Amazon Flex. Like many in the gig economy, Amazon Flex offers drivers the ability to become an Amazon delivery partner. Drivers can set their own hours, picking up packages from an Amazon delivery station and delivering them to customers. Shifts are available in blocks of 3- and 6-hour increments.

Like any independent contractor, such as Uber or Lyft drivers, those working through Flex use their own vehicles. This requires the ability to properly track mileage for accurate accounting and tax purposes and a tool such as TripLog can save drivers thousands. There are a number of benefits to using Trip Log, as Uber and Lyft drivers have already discovered.

  • Automatically start tracking

Amazon Flex drivers can choose from up to six different mileage tracking options when using TripLog. Options include MagicTrip, which allows drivers to simply get into their vehicles and begin driving, as well as the new TripLog Drive, which increases tracking accuracy and reliability. Each of these options makes use of the vehicle’s existing Bluetooth capability.

  • Mileage deduction calculator shows how much you can save

For drivers who want to know exactly how much they saved in taxes in a given month, week or down to the individual trip, TripLog’s Mileage Deduction Calculator calculates mileage with accuracy. Taken directly from existing tax forms, Amazon flex drivers can now be ahead of the curve by knowing exactly how much in tax deductions they earn as they work their shifts.

  • See your trips at a glance with Daily Map View

Amazon Flex drivers can see their driving route for an entire day and review previous trips with the Daily Map View option. This allows drivers to see the big picture while not having to rely solely on text-based overviews.

  • Daily Trip Journey – all trips in one place

With Daily Trip Journey, Amazon Flex drivers don’t have to worry about looking at each individual trip one at a time. Save valuable time by viewing all of your trips, each day, together. This feature also allows drivers to name and select those common locations with a touch of a button.

  • Track business expenses with receipt photos

While tracking mileage is critically important, Amazon Flex drivers can also use TripLog to track business income and expenses. By using the camera available on iOS and Android phones, drivers can easily take a snapshot of their receipts and categorize transactions so that they are ready for tax time.

With gig economy opportunities growing rapidly, Amazon Flex drivers are looking for tools to help manage and grow their business. TripLog provides those easy to use tools and allows drivers to easily set and track their mileage, making it one less thing they have to worry about.

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