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Modern Company Mileage Reimbursement

Paper mileage and expense logs cost businesses dozens of hours and thousands of dollars each year. TripLog cuts down the time it takes to process expense reports from 20 minutes down to just 2 minutes, eliminating significant operational costs.

TripLog's comprehensive and detailed web dashboard gives administrators the tools and reports they want with the flexibility and easy-of-use they deserve, with real-time fleet tracking, approval hierarchy, interactive reports, and more.

Employee Mileage & Expense Tracking

For companies with mobile teams, over 58 hours per year per driver are lost when they fill out manual mileage logs. By offering TripLog, drivers get a sleek, easy-to-use automatic mileage tracker that saves time and money.

In an internal study, TripLog found that drivers using manual paper-based logs overreport their mileage by as much as 28%. With TripLog's automatic mileage tracking app, companies can rest assured that their team's mileage and expense claims will be accurate, every time.

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