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TripLog for ADP Workforce Now

adp triplog mileage reimbursement

Effective automation with TripLog can cut down the costs that usually aren’t visible on a balance sheet, be it time cost of manually logging and processing mileage logs or the costs of accounting for manual processes. TripLog is a mileage tracking mobile app and cloud solution that ensures accuracy, automation, and transparency. 

With TripLog, small to mid-size companies, as well as larger enterprise organizations, can have a smart mileage solution at their fingertips. With one-click submit and easy approval, TripLog and ADP makes mileage reimbursement a breeze.

Employee accountability is just one reason why automating mileage tracking is so important. Time saving is key, productive time shouldn’t be spent manually logging and processing mileage logs. It’s why making sure your team is utilizing an automated tracking software that connects with your payroll systems is an absolute necessity, significantly cutting down on mileage reimbursement costs. Along with time savings, over and under reimbursement costs businesses thousands by paying for over reported mileage or having to reconcile paper logs at the end of the pay period.

To provide a complete solution, TripLog integrates with payroll processing leader ADP®. ADP Workforce Now offers a complete HCM platform that benefits owners, employees, and HR pros for small to midsize companies. Using an HR and payroll provider like ADP makes a lot of sense, and they offer solutions to fit a variety of different business sizes and types. TripLog’s integration with ADP Workforce Now helps make payroll much simpler by exporting automated mileage expense logs directly into ADP. Just review mileage expenses, approve or edit them as necessary right in TripLog, and one button click later, ADP will have the data needed to run payroll. TripLog tracks each trip automatically and allows for easy expense capture and classification so you don’t have to waste time on manual mileage logs for reimbursement.

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After subscribing to TripLog Mileage for ADP Workforce Now® from ADP MarketplaceAvailable in the ADP Workforce Now® marketplace, ADP customerscustomers can easily access TripLog the solution right through their portal using a single sign-on (SSO) with their ADP login credentials). To make things simple, ADP customers can even start a free trial right from ADP Marketplace. Alternatively, existing TripLog customers who also are implementinguse ADP Workforce Now can simply add purchase the TripLog Connector data connector for ADP Workforce Now®, which that enables the integrationsecure data-sharing between the two solutions. To learn more about the TripLog’s integrations with  connector and integration with ADP Workforce Now®,  by ADP®, visit the ADP Page or visit ADP Marketplace.

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