Know About TripLog Drive & How Does It Work

TripLog Drive – How it works

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Published by TripLog Team

The revolutionary GPS mileage Tracker with a trip classification button. Built specifically to solve the problem of iOS and Android closing background running apps. No data plan needed. No phone battery drain. TripLog Drive captures GPS data and transmits to the TripLog App for processing through Bluetooth. Highly recommended for phones older than 2 years. The most reliable mileage tracking system with the best user experience. TripLog Drive captures your mileage, and the TripLog App works as a visual display, trip management, and additional storage. TripLog Drive and TripLog App work in tandem. The cutting edge technology. Never miss a mile. Zero battery and data consumption on the phone, most accurate and least drag to your phone. With the built-in storage you will never miss a mile even your phone is not available.
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