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Congratulations to your newly purchased TripLog Drive GPS mileage logger! It’s the best technology by far for your day-to-day mileage tracking.

TripLog Drive GPS Mileage Logger

Quick Steps for TripLog Drive™

Step 1: Register and get 3 months FREE Premium Plan

If you haven’t yet, please register a new account with us through here and get 3 months FREE Premium Plan for single users.

Step 2: Download TripLog mobile app

Download the TripLog app off of iOS or Android. Log in to your account, and select ‘TripLog Drive™’ as the auto start option.

Step 3: Plug TripLog Drive into car USB

Make sure your phone Bluetooth is ON.  Plug the TripLog Drive device into vehicle USB port or cigarette lighter adapter.

Step 4: No need to wait, go for a drive

The app automatically connects to the TripLog Drive. No manual Bluetooth pairing necessary. Blinking light indicates the device is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open TripLog app > Auto Start Settings > Auto Start on > choose TripLog Drive option.  Then plug in the TripLog Drive.  The app will automatically connect to the device and start tracking.  Trip status will be shown on the app and phone notifications.  You can also choose to associate the Drive device to which vehicle record in the app settings.

For more information, please visit our knowledgebase for iOS or Android app. 

A blinking light means the TripLog Drive is searching for GPS fixes.  Depending in the reception, usually when TripLog Drive is powered on for the first time during a day (or “cold start”), the search time is 30s – 2m.  On a subsequent start (or “warm start”), the search time is 1s – 5s.

When TripLog Drive is powered on for the very first time, or on a rainy or cloudy day, the search time could be up to 5m.

When TripLog Drive is powered on, the default color is White.  It means the trip activity is determined by TripLog mobile app Auto Start settings, e.g. M-F 9-6 are for Business, other times are for Personal.

If you press the button/light once, it changes to Blue and overrides the trip activity to Business.  Press again, the light changes to Green, and it makes the trip Personal.  Press one more time, it changes back to White.

The trip activity is determined by the color of the light at the time when the trip is stopped. So you can “change your mind” while the trip is still running.

Yes. TripLog Drive connects to the phone automatically and relays the GPS data to the TripLog mobile app for processing.  It’s the default Real-time tracking mode.  

If for any reason, it cannot find the phone, it will store the GPS data on its built-in flash storage and can be later downloaded and processed when it connects to the app.  It’s the Offline tracking mode.

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