Why TripLog is the Best Mileage Tracker App (2024 Comparison)

Dimitri Gedevanishvili

Dimitri Gedevanishvili

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When tax season comes around, ruffling through receipts and crunching numbers is about the last thing anyone wants to be doing. But, if you drive for work, there’s a solution to these obstacles: mileage tracker apps!

TripLog is one of those mileage tracker apps, a tool that automatically tracks your mileage and makes your life much easier come tax time. No more holding on to receipts, no more messy and inaccurate paper mileage logs.

With that said, there are many mileage tracker apps on the market these days. Despite this, TripLog is still by far the best solution for drivers (both self-employed and employees) to track their mileage.

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In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using TripLog, how we can help you claim valuable deductions on your taxes, and how our additional features and benefits set us apart from other mileage tracker apps.

Mileage Tracker Comparison: What Is the Best Mileage Tracker App?

Today, drivers have many options when it comes to tracking their mileage. At this point, there’s almost no reason to track your mileage via pen-and-paper logbooks, so using a modern mileage tracker app is a must.

One thing that all of these automatic mileage tracker apps have in common is, well, automatic mileage tracking! This is a feature where the app will start tracking when your vehicle starts moving. 

Even though all of these apps have this function, not all are created equal. For instance, this is one area where TripLog is simply head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s take a look at some reviews some of our competitors have gotten recently.

Competitor #1 mileage tracker app review:

“…it only tracks what it wants I guess. Hours of my mileage not tracked at all… I’m losing miles left and right!!!… Many other people are dealing with lost mileage as well… What’s the point of paying for an app that works 50% of the time? I’m sooo mad about it that I’m just dumbfounded and in disbelief.” – 1/5 stars

Competitor #2 mileage tracker app review:

“Missing several trips every day… Not sure how many thousands of dollars I lost last year on taxes… I don’t ever make a big deal out of things, but at this rate I’m probably out about $7,500 worth of mileage last year and more this year. That’s a big deal for anyone.” – 1/5 stars

These are just some of the issues users face when using our competitors. With TripLog, you can truly trust that your mileage tracking is accurate, letting you get back more of your hard-earned money on your taxes. 

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Simply put, TripLog is by far the best mileage tracker app for tracking your mileage for tax purposes, as well as for employee mileage reimbursement.

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Mileage Tracker Comparison: Features

TripLog is designed to get you every dollar and cent that you deserve. That’s why we have built out several features that help to do just that.

While it’s true that between all of the other mileage trackers on the market, you can find some that have a few of TripLog’s capabilities, many are missing several of TripLog’s features entirely, and none of them do everything that TripLog does.

TripLog is the only mileage tracker that does all of these things (and more!):

  • Automatic mileage tracking with 6 different tracking methods
  • Frequent trip rules
  • Customizable tax reports
  • Street address and driving waypoints
  • Trip odometer tracking
  • Route planning
  • OCR receipt scanning
  • Fuel tracking + MPG calculation
  • Optional hardware devices

Feel free to explore our feature comparison table for a more detailed look at what TripLog does vs. our competitors!

Mileage Tracker Comparison: Customizability

Our app will do exactly what you need right out of the box, but it’s also incredibly customizable, giving you all of the flexibility you need. For example, TripLog offers 6 powerful mileage tracking options:

  • MagicTrip (movement-based automatic tracking)
  • Car Bluetooth
  • Plug-N-Go
  • Manual tracking
  • TripLog Drive™
  • TripLog Beacon™

You can also adjust what speed you want for the app to start tracking, as well as how long to wait to stop tracking. Again, these features are optional – even without tweaking or customizing, TripLog is still the most accurate and easiest way to track your mileage!

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TripLog: A Must-have Tool for Busy Drivers

Whether you’re a rideshare driver, a traveling salesperson, or someone who uses their personal vehicle to work for a company, you’re going to need to track your mileage. And if you’re going to do that, why not pick the premier option?

You can download TripLog on iOS or Android, or sign up right here on the web. You can also schedule a complimentary demo with one of our mileage experts to see if TripLog is right for you!

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