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TripLog Mileage Reimbursement Savings Calculator

Number of drivers

Average miles daily per person

Number of trips daily



Annual mileage reimbursement costs based on the numbers you provided.

Annual Mileage Reimbursement

50mi/day x 100drivers x $0.54 (5days x 50wks)


According to research, on average employees inflate the mileage by 25% when self reported.

Estimated Reimbursement Savings with TripLog

25% x Annual Mileage Reimbursement


People on average spend 2 minutes on manually recording trips.

Manual Entry Hours

2mins x 10trips/day x 100drivers (5days x 50wks)

8,334 hr

Taking national average $25 hourly rate.

Estimated Labor Savings with TripLog

Avg. $25/hr x Manual Entry Hours


TripLog simplifies your mileage reimbursement/deduction process

Automatic mileage capture

Capture mileage with a simple app and the most flexible feature set on the market.

Expense tracking

Accurate expense tracking for tax deductions for every type of business, big or small.

No more over-reimbursing

Employees often overestimate their mileage by 25%, costing you thousands every year.

Route planning

Select multiple locations and quickly map out the best possible route.

Streamlined reporting & approval

Manage multiple users and have a strong, robust reporting & approval process.

Fleet visibility & monitoring

Get real-time fleet tracking and manage thousands of drivers easily.

Integration partners

Driving technology


How Can TripLog Benefit Your Business?

During your last audit, were there questions or concerns over the amount of revenue spent on mileage or fuel cards? Do you have an adequate system in place to hold your team accountable? Unlike many other mileage tracker systems, TripLog has the ability to hold your employees accountable. Our app reveals driving routes and allows for your management team to track time to measure job performance.

Are you getting all the information you require to make smart cost-effective decisions? TripLog Cloud solution offers a state-of-the-art dashboard that makes reviewing and approving mileage a breeze. With a no-obligation free trial and user training sessions, the on-boarding process is as easy as it can get.

Forget pen and paper. Spreadsheets are a thing of the past! It’s time to upgrade to modern mobile technology. TripLog’s platform runs on Amazon AWS, follows industry best practices and the NIST framework, and delivers top-of-the-line security. It’s HIPAA compliant, PCI certified, and integrates with SSO with Active Directory.

Imagine canned and customizable reports at your fingertips. With TripLog, you can easily review mileage expenses and run reports from our web dashboard and submit them to your payroll. If you use Concur or QuickBooks Online, TripLog integrates directly with them as well. It can also integrate with virtually any system using our web API.

At TripLog, we take data privacy concerns seriously. Nobody wants Big Brother breathing down their neck. With our mileage tracking app for employees, we are dedicated to protecting your privacy by keeping your personal trips private from your company. We also don’t share your data with any third-party apps or companies. At the same time, multiple automatic tracking options make trip recording much easier than ever before.

Mileage Reimbursement for your Business

Google Maps Distance

Concerned about employees over-reporting mileage? With a simple setup, you can choose to take Google Maps point-to-point distance, or only raise a flag if over-reported.

Address Book

More than one nurse or sales rep visit the same customer? With TripLog, you can share the address across the board and report on the date and duration of each visit.

HIPAA Compliance

TripLog encrypts PHI (protected health information) and PII (personally identifiable information) in a hardened and secure environment.

Data Privacy

We value employee privacy as much as the company’s bottom line. You can hide personal trips from the view of your managers, or hide trips until they are submitted.


As time goes on, it becomes increasingly challenging for the not-so-tech-savvy to keep up with new technologies. That’s why we made it as simple as can be with multiple set-and-forget auto start options, configurable components to reduce clutter, and mileage submission right from the app.

Job Performance Monitoring

Job site time tracking reports provide insights on the time spent on each job or prospect. This can be used for employee performance reports or to identify pain points and time wasters to increase the efficiency of your company.

Air Travel

TripLog tracks every mile, even when using a rental car. If you want to exclude trips during travel from tracking reports, simply turn on the switch to exclude any trips taken outside of the regular territory/states.

Company Car

Whether you have a grey fleet or provide company vehicles to your employees, TripLog has the solution for you. You can rest assured knowing we accurately track each and every trip. Our platform can compare fuel card purchases and reimbursement amounts so your employees can be kept accountable in their reporting.

Daily Commute Mileage

Does your company exclude daily commute mileage from reimbursement? TripLog has 3 types of exemption rules that will certainly match your company policy.

More Company Policies

We serve companies of all sizes and needs. We work with our customers to develop and customize our system to work for every company’s needs and any policies they may have. For example, daily mileage cap, lockdown users, and more.

Real-time Location Monitoring

Need to keep tabs on where your drivers are at any moment? TripLog provides a map view with everyone’s real-time locations, as well as daily or weekly travel routes.

Route Planning

A typical “salesperson” puzzle: what’s the best route to travel through all the pre-planned stops? With a few taps, TripLog shows you the most optimized route to take and start navigation with Google Maps.


Enterprise Features

Enterprise Playlist
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Real Time Fleet Location Tracking
Real Time Fleet Location Tracking
Data Privacy & Encryption Policies HIPAA
Data Privacy & Encryption Policies HIPAA
Approval Management
Approval Management
Time tracking reports
Time tracking reports
Google Maps Distance vs Actual Driving Distance
Google Maps Distance vs Actual Driving Distance
Google Maps Distance vs Actual Driving Distance
Google Maps Distance vs Actual Driving Distance
Daily Commute Mileage Exemption
Daily Commute Mileage Exemption
Web Dashboard Enterprise
Web Dashboard Enterprise
Company Address Book
Company Address Book
Single Sign-On (Active Directory, SAML2.0)
Single Sign-On (Active Directory, SAML2.0)
Lock User Auto Start Option, and Edit Rights
Lock User Auto Start Option, and Edit Rights
Turning On/Off Components
Turning On/Off Components
Department Office
Department Office
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Fixed and Variable Rates (FAVR)


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