Company Mileage Reimbursement
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Explore the enterprise-class mileage tracking and reimbursement features TripLog has to offer.

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Feature List

Reimbursement Solutions

Personal cars, company cars, fuel cards, we cover them all. Daily commute mileage, Google Maps distance, lock down users, and so many more.

Address Book

Upload a predefined list of addresses and share across the entire company. New visits can also be shared automatically, but not including employees home addresses.

System Integrations

Trips captured by TripLog can be directly uploaded to Concur or QuickBooks Online, or any other systems using our industry standard web API.

Approval Management

Multi-level approver chain, out-of-office/alternative submission, department/office grouping, approver and accountant roles.

Real-time Location Tracking

Place all the drivers on a map at the same time. Track their driving route in real time with auto refresh. Optionally, load a list of destinations to see how close they are.

Automatic Tracking Options

From fully automatic MagicTrip™, to car Bluetooth, iBeacon, Plug-N-Go, OBD-II scanner, app widgets, and manual tracking, pick the one that fits your style.


Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR)

Simple cents-per-mile reimbursement is just one of the mileage programs we offer at TripLog.  We specialize in all IRS compliant mileage programs, from Car Allowance to Smart Mileage Rate, from Fuel Cards to Fixed and Variable Rate.  Contact us for a complimentary money saving analysis.  We will develop a tailored solution for your organization.


Web Dashboard

Take a sneak-peek of our Dashboard.  It is a well designed company administrator self-service tool.  From charts to reports, from approvals to user management, everything is at your fingertips.  This is where our product really stands out from the competitions.  Go ahead fill out a simple form and check out a sample dashboard.  We will contact you for more information.

Mileage & Expense Tracking and Reimbursement


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