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The approach to real estate selling has changed drastically over the years. From going door to door to sitting on the telephone for hours, technological advancements have really changed the way agents connect with their clients.

Ultimately, these advancements also changed the amount of effort it took the get the job done properly and on time. Now, the real question is – do real estate agents need new technology and how can it benefit them?

When is technology a hindrance?

There are situations when agents simply need to do things the old-fashioned way. There are numerous examples of such – for instance, what good would the new tech bring to you if you implement it in your work, but your client doesn’t? Alternatively, even your clients might come around, but would they still be able to tackle the specific tech’s method of operation?

On another hand, it goes without saying that certain aspects of modern technology, better said certain apps and platforms are nothing more than a waste of money.

We can all agree that whenever a trend springs out, opportunists emerge as well, which only means that a portion of such apps and platforms aren’t exactly beneficial to anyone but their makers.

How can technology help real estate agents?

The primary goal of technology is to aid people in every possible way. Technology is there to boost the quantity and quality of performance, be it growing organic food or operating as a real estate mediator.

Tech stacks used by real estate agents bring many benefits to the work of real estate agents. Let’s go over some of the benefits of a tech upgrade at work for real estate agents.

Increased productivity

‘Time is money’ may sound like a cliché, but it’s precisely the biggest benefit of using advanced applications and platforms. Physically going from place to place burns a great deal of time, but the same can be said for crunching numbers with a calculator and double-checking every word on your paper files.

You will improve your efficiency and earn more money by simply having more time. You will save yourself the displeasure of doing everything the old-fashioned way, thus having more time to acquire new leads and clients.

Scaled operations

We’ve just briefly mentioned that you could gain more leads by having the time to do so. Expanding your business could be the most important thing for you, especially in such a competitive world we live in. By implementing new technologies, it’s easier than ever to scale up your business without a large capital investment.

Most real estate apps allow you to easily access your logs and clients, and that’s a two-way street – your clients will also be able to access you in case anything goes awry.

Having more clients and the way to monitor your business growth via simple, affordable scalable technological solutions is a benefit which is equally great and important as the time-saver benefit, we just mentioned.

Improved efficiency

Believe it or not, using real estate apps will cut down your expenses substantially. Calling your clients pumps up your cell phone bill, physically meeting them costs gas, and most importantly, organizing an entire network where all of this is done on a daily basis simply costs a lot.

Real estate apps barely cost $50 on average annually, which basically means that what you would initially pay for them will easily save you several times more, not to mention the other various benefits that different platforms offer.

TripLog was built with these benefits in mind

TripLog’s best-in-class mileage tracker app is one of the few apps that you can easily integrate into your business life without having to adapt too much. It’s very easy to use, boasts an intuitive design, and if you’re even the least bit tech-savvy, you’ll be able to utilize its many functions straight out of the box.

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Its primary function is mileage tracking, a particular job that is otherwise pretty messy and requires a lot of diligence. TripLog is accurate and allows you to customize the tracking mechanism to further suit your needs (standard, Bluetooth, iBeacon, Plug-n-go, Manual).

TripLog’s company mileage suite is such a versatile application that it’s meant for other professions as well, most notably bookkeepers. TripLog also allows you to test out a trial version for a month, completely free of charge. Check it out and see how well it fits your particular business needs.


It’s time to answer our initial question – do real estate agents need new technology and how can it benefit them? From an objective point of view, the answer is yes.

Adapting new technology and tools to your work life can only benefit you, and the bottom line is – it’s there to give you the upper hand on the market. Working smart, making the right choices, and economizing your work are now easier than ever, so yes – embrace the technology and reap its benefits.

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