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    If the app shows an error message when you tap “Calibrate OBD-II Device”, please follow these steps to troubleshoot. 

    1. Start vehicle engine.
    2. Purchase and install DashCommand app. That’s the best OBD app that reads a whole bunch of readings from the vehicle, even engine fault codes.
    3. Open DashCommand > Data Grid > Add PID > DTCs > Distance since diagnostic trouble codes cleared > check it > Back > Done. It will show up on the bottom. After a few seconds, you should see a number.
    4. If all the other readings showed up, but the one you just added “SAE.CLR_DIST” did not show any number, that means your vehicle does not support that reading.
    5. If the number is 65535, which means it’s maxed out, so you need to open Diagnostics screen > Clear Codes.  It will reset that reading.  After reset, you need to disconnect from DashCommand, and open TripLog and re-calibrate OBD.
    TripLog relies on that reading to determine the odometer. Not all vehicles support that reading. You can try this on a different car. If your vehicle does not support, unfortunately, we cannot do anything. But you can still use TripLog with other auto start options.
    Crowd Sourced List of Vehicles that have successfully provided the OBD PID 31 Code.
    *The names may differ from the actual vehicle but should serve as a reference for successful pairing.