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    TripLog Time Tracking


    Introducing Time Tracking

    Triplog Time Tracking is a Timesheet or Project based time tracking application that will allow users to account for their time in a timesheet or project duration based system.  The interface will sync with the cloud to allow Users and Admins the capability to report and monitor timesheets.  Available Approval Management integration available with our Enterprise version to make approving timesheets more streamlined.   Available on iOS version 9.0 and Android version 4.0 or later.

    Setting Up Time Tracking

    Opt In to Time Tracking

    Getting setup with Time Tracking is as easy as opening the menu in the app and opt into the Time Tracking Trial for existing customers.  If you are a new customer the Time Tracking module is enabled for your trial period.

    Open the Time Menu on the app or the web to Opt into Time Tracking.  There may be an additional cost to use the Time Tracking Mode depending on the current service you are subscribed to.  Please refer to the current pricing page for more information (Pricing Page :

    Choose Your Time Tracking Mode

    You will be offered a choice of Timesheet or Duration Tracking.  This selection will configure your option for how you will track time.  You can later change this option in the settings.

    You can opt to put the Time Menu on the home page through the options. This will take the place of Fuel on the Main Screen.  If you disabled Fuel Tracking then the Time Module will be available there by default.

    Navigate to TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > General Settings > Time Settings > Show On Main Screen
    Select Time as the Main Option ( you can always select the Fuel option again in the future )

    Using Time Tracking

    Adding Job Activities

    You can add a Job Activity that will allow the user to classify the work being done with both a Name and Hourly Rate if applicable.  Users are able to add Job Activities on the app and Admins can make Job activities available to the users on the app from the web dashboard.

    Job Activities : When entering a new Job activity you will Enter the Name, Choose a category color, Hourly Rate, and Default Clock in reminder.  (This edit screen is where you can disable Job Activities if they are no longer needed as well)

    Hourly Rate : This is a value that can be associated with the specific Job Activity that will automatically calculate the total cost for the Time Entry on the reports screen.

    Clock Out Reminder : When using the Job Activity and is clocked into an active Time Entry they will be reminded that they are clocked in on the app.  This value can be modified but the default is 8 hours.


    Clock In and Out

    A user will be able to Clock In with Time Tracking on the app by Navigating to the Time Tracking Page and Selecting the green button at the bottom of the screen.

    Clock In

    It will take them to a Time Entry Screen that they can then Select the correct Job Activity and add the Location, tags or notes and Click the Clock In button.  This will return you to the Time Tracking screen to see the entry with a Running Clocked In timer.

    Clock Out / Edit Time Entry

    You can click on the Red Stop button to return to the Edit Time Entry screen.  From here the End Time and Duration will be auto populated and you can add any additional Tags or Notes then click Save.


    You are able to return to a time entry to update Fields in the Time Entry.  You can add Location, Tags, Notes, Attach a Photo or Change the Job Activity.  Remember to click save to update the Time Entry.  If you want to complete the Time Entry and Clock Out be sure to update the end time.  The Duration will update based on this End Time

    Adding A Manual Time Entry

    You can manually create a manual entry if your account is not locked.  You will be able to Click on the Green Start button and update the Date, Start Time/ End Time and Duration fields to manually update a missed punch or other back time that may not have been entered.

    Duration Entry

    If you opted to use the Duration tracking option you will select eh Job Activity and Duration to crate time blocks for the jobs that are being tracked.  You can still update the Time Entry with locations, tags, and notes as well as attach a photo.