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    Generate HTML and CSV (spreadsheet) reports from the app

    Open TripLog > Reports tab > Email Reports button > follow the instructions > send reports through email.

    You can open both CSV and HTML files in Excel.

    Enter the beginning mileage on the reports

    TripLog takes the lowest starting odometer from all the trips during the reporting period as the beginning mileage. So make sure that the first row of the Trips table in the reports has the right starting mileage. The same goes for the ending mileage. TripLog takes the highest ending odometer of all trips during the reporting period.

    If you found a wrong starting odometer, search the report for that odometer number. You should see the trip, usually on the first few rows of the Trips table. Go back to the TripLog app and find the trip and fix it.

    My vehicle does not show up on the reports

    You need at least one trip for that vehicle during the reporting period. You can make up a one-mile trip.

    Generate HTML and CSV (spreadsheet) reports from the Web Dashboard

    For Professional and Enterprise users, you can also generate reports from the Web Dashboard.

    Log into your Web Dashboard, and go to “Reports” .   You can either export a “Report Summary” in .CSV format,

    In addition to that, you can download and customize a detailed report.   This will download a ,zip file with HTML, PDF, and .CSV files, including detailed info, maps, and receipt pictures.

    Sample Reports