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    Share locations among all the drivers

    As an administrator, you can predefine a set of locations that the employees often visit, and push them to the TripLog app for everyone.  So when they go to that place, a predefined location will be picked up.  Here are the steps:

    1. Log in to the TripLog website > Locations page > Import button > Download Sample CSV. Then edit the spreadsheet and save to the same CSV format.  Upload the file on the Locations page, select “To Myself“, and press Import button.  The system will automatically translate street address to latitude/longitude in a few minutes.  The location range, however, is important.  You need to set the range wide enough to cover the area, e.g. a hospital’s range can be 1,000 feet, but a patient’s home can be set to 100 feet.
    2. Then go to More menu > Settings > Share Locations among Users > turn it ON > Save Settings.  Now all the locations you have just uploaded will be visible on employees’ TripLog app.  Any locations entered by any user will also be shared across the board.  You can limit what types of locations to share.
    3. Check Only share named locations.  The system will only share the named locations.
    4. Check Only share locations that have a default business activity assigned.  The system will only share the locations with a default activity, and the activity is not Personal.
    If your drivers haven’t started using other people’s locations, you can turn this off with no negative impact. But once drivers start cross referencing other driver’s shared locations, and you uncheck this box, the shared locations will be deleted and trips will have blank locations.

    Pre-populate locations but don’t share the new ones

    If you only want to pre-populate certain locations, but don’t want anyone to share/publish new ones; or you want to pre-populate the locations to only certain users, you can do the following.

    1. Log in to the TripLog website > Locations page > Import button > Download Sample CSV.  Then edit the spreadsheet and save to the same CSV format.  Upload the file on the Locations page, choose the “To Users” selection, and press Import button.  You can choose a particular user, or all users.