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    For Users of Huawei Phones


    Huawei phones have their own power management settings which can interfere with TripLog’s ability to function.

    To make sure your Huawei phone is not interfering with TripLog, please follow the steps outlined below (A TripLog Thank You to User Richard S. for solving this problem!)


    1. Go to SETTINGS and tap the Battery icon to open the screen below:


    Huawei Phone Troubleshooting triplog

    2. Tap APP Launch and see screen below:


    Huawei Phone Troubleshooting triplog


    3. Remove Triplog from “Manage Automatically” 4. Tap Manage Manually and turn on all 3 features “Auto Launch”, “Seconday Launch” and “Run in background. Note that these settings will apply to any other apps you may put in this category. There is no way to set different apps with different settings


    .Huawei Phone Troubleshooting triplog


    If the issue persists, please see our other troubleshooting pages related to your issue or contact our support team at [email protected]