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    How Automatic Daily Backup Works

    Enter your email address in the TripLog mobile app (TripLog > Menu > Account) to ensure your backup is identifiable/recoverable.
    You can set up automatic daily backup in TripLog > Menu > Data Sync and Backup > enable ‘Automatic Daily Backup’. The data will be backed up to the device and uploaded to our cloud storage. Select the ‘Cloud Location’ nearest to your home address. 

    The daily backup happens every day the first time you open TripLog. The backup covers the data up to yesterday. 

    Replacing iPhone/iPad

    IMPORTANT! Before you replace your iOS device, BACK UP the data through the TripLog app. iCloud backups are not sufficient. A proper backup will ensure your data can be restored correctly.

    To back up and restore data, open TripLog app > Menu > Account > Data backup > Sync and Edit Data on Web > Choose the backup and restore options. 

    On your OLD device: 

    1. Open TripLog app > Menu > Account
      Note existing email address OR enter your email address if the field is blank. Then tap Back.
    2. Tap Menu > Account > Data backup > Cloud Location
      Choose nearest cloud location to your home address
    3. Tap Back up to Cloud

    On your NEW device: 

    1. Open TripLog app > Menu > Account
      Enter same email address from OLD device, Then tap Back.
    2. Tap Menu > Account >  Data backup > Cloud Location
      Choose same cloud location from OLD device
    3. Tap Menu > Account > Data backup > Restore from Cloud

    Restore Lost Data

    If you accidentally deleted the app or lost access to the device, the data is gone. However, your data is actively backed up by TripLog. 

    Restore procedure will remove/replace any existing data/settings in the TripLog mobile app.
    There are three options to recover data: 
    1. If you’ve registered or backed up to the cloud, it’s the easiest way to recover.
      Follow new device steps under “Replacing iPhone/iPad” section above.
      If it says cannot find your data, try a different cloud location and/or email address that may have been used previously.
    2. If you’ve backed up and emailed the backup file to yourself, you can copy the file from computer to iOS device through iTunes .
      Open TripLog app > Menu > Account > Data backup > Restore from Device.
    3. If you haven’t completed any backup, unfortunately, your data is gone with the old device.

    How to copy files between iPhone and computer

    You need a USB cable to connect your phone to a PC, and follow the instructions here 

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