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    Download PDF: TripLog Getting Started Guide – Administrator


    Introduction for Administrators

    Welcome to TripLog! Here are some items Professional Plus and Enterprise administrators need to know as you look to setup TripLog for your company and drivers.

    1. If you haven’t already, go to the red sign up button on the TripLog website or signup here. Enter your name, company name, email and password. You will be the default company administrator.
    2. Account Settings. Go to TripLog web account More > Settings > Account Settings. You can set the country, time zone and units of measure, etc. They are defaulted based upon your current location.
    3. Add Users. Go to web account More > Users > Add User. Alternatively, you can import users using our .CSV template. This will send an introductory email or text message (if phone number is entered) to the user(s), similar to the email below.

      Mileage Tracking App
      Introduction for Administrators
    4. When users open the email or text on their phones and tap the link, they will see the following page. Follow the two steps to install and log in from the app.
      TripLog Getting Started Guide - Administrator
    5. Optionally, you can lock a user if you do not want users to delete trips or change trip date, time, locations and milage once trip has been recorded.
    6. Turn on Components. You can simply show or hide features for company use. Go to web account More > Settings > Account Settings > Turn on Components. For example, if you don’t necessarily track fuel – unselect the Fuel checkbox. After you restart the app (or after our daily midnight EST system reset), they won’t appear on the device.Turn on-off: Trip Odometer; Parking & Tolls; Mileage Rates; Receipts; Fuel; Expenses; State Mileage and Approval Management.
    7. Share Locations. Locations can be setup to share between user accounts, otherwise, locations are user specific. Go to web account More > Settings > Account Settings > Share Locations among Users. In addition, on the locations tab you can import locations using our .CSV template.
    8. Billing. Go to web account More > Billing. You can setup your payment frequency and make a payment. We offer no-obligation 30-day trial accounts.

    You are all set! We suggest you review the New Driver Introduction to understand what your drivers will experience using the TripLog app.


    We offer additional features to personalize the system for your company use. These include:

    1. Daily Mileage Exemption. This setting will deduct daily mileage by the number entered and will be shown on the reports Daily Trip Summary table. Go to web account More > Users > Daily Mileage Exemption.
    2. Show Over Reported. This setting flags trips that are above (percentage and minimum miles) the Google Maps recommended trip distance. Go to web account More > Settings > Account Settings > Show Over Reported.
    3. Out of Office. To be used with mileage Approval Management. Go to web account More > Profile > Other Settings > Out of Office. As a supervisor, you can select your time out-of-office and mileage approval requests will go to the next supervisor in the approval chain.