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    New Driver Introduction for iOS Users 

    Click here for Android users 

    Welcome to TripLog!

    Here are some things drivers need to know as you download the app from the app store or are following the email link from your TripLog administrator: 

    The First Time – The first time you open the app, you will be asked to select the tracking mode – fully automated (MagicTrip™), semi-automated, or manual. These will be explained shortly. You will also need to set up your vehicle. Fill it out the best you can and know you can always go back and edit this information, including the odometer reading.

    Auto Start Settings – You can choose a tracking setting that best reflects your needs. To find settings, please open TripLog app > Menu > Auto Start On.

    Fully automated – This setting will track any movement over 5 miles per hour. You won’t miss any trips, but this will use the most battery power. This is the default setting.

    To use, turn on Enable Auto Start and select MagicTrip™ as the Auto Start Option.

    Semi-automated – This setting will track any movement over 5 miles per hour ONLY when your phone is plugged into a power source. Thus, it is a nice balance between fully automated and manual, especially if you have a habit of plugging in your phone before driving.

    To use, turn on Enable Auto Start and select Power plug in and go as the Auto Start Option.

    Manual – This setting allows the driver to manually track their trips, with the driver determining when the trip starts and stops. To use, do not turn on Enable Auto Start. Instead, go to the Trips home screen, select Start Trip (the green ‘play’ button) at the beginning of the trip, and Stop Trip (the red ‘stop’ button) at the end. If you forget to track a trip, it’s easy to add a trip.

    To manually add a trip, please first ensure that the setting under TripLog app > Menu > General Settings > Manual Start Trip Default is set to Always Ask. Then open TripLog App > Start Trip (the green ‘play’ button) > Manual Start > Manual Input.

    Data Sync – To ensure the data is synchronized and backed up to the cloud, and accessible from the TripLog website, you need to have a user account. If it is your first time using the app, you need to register an account.

    Individual Account – If you’re setting up an individual account then go to TripLog app > menu > Account > Register.

    Managed Accounts – If you’re part of a managed account, you should receive a welcome email with your account information.

    Log in – You need to make sure you are logged in from the app. Please open TripLog app > menu > Account > enter email and password > Log in > choose Merge Data option when it asks.

    • Reminder – for any phone or device using an app, the app must be turned on to work. If you turn off or restart your phone, you must open the app when you turn your phone back on for it to track mileage data. The app can be running in the background and the phone can be locked, but the app must be initially opened and not force-closed. 


    • You are ready to track your first trip!

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