Table of Contents

    Uploading Trips to ChromeRiver

    In the App

    • Select the Main Menu ≡
    • Select Send to Chrome River
    • Select the Month and Activity
    • Click Send


    You will get a reminder message that Trips that are already uploaded will not be processed. 


    You will receive a notification when successful.

    On the Web Dashboard


    Log into your TripLog page and click the Send to ChromeRiver button.

    Verify the Time Filter Selection and Click the SEND button, Click OK on the Pop Up

    There will be a popup window during the upload process.  Wait for the Success! Confirmation.  

    Please note that the uploaded trips won’t be sent again.

    You can then click the Go To ChromeRiver button to open your login page.

    Viewing Trips in ChromeRiver

    Log in with your company ChromeRiver credentials

    Click the Menu at the Top Left – Select eWallet then Mileage

    Click the SORT button to filter for Newest First  

    This is the uploaded Trip.  Click on the Entry to See the Details

    Detailed View of the Mileage Entry

    You can then select the mileage entries and click Add to Report.  Follow the normal process to submit the reports.