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    Before following this troubleshooting guide, please see the general troubleshooting steps listed for iOS.

    If auto start with Bluetooth is still not working, please try the following steps

    1. Open iOS System Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is on.
    2. Open iOS System Settings > Privacy > Location Services > make sure it’s on, then select TripLog > make sure it is set to ‘Always’.
    3. If you’ve rebooted your phone, it could take up to 15 minutes before TripLog starts detecting Bluetooth devices reliably. If it still isn’t working after 15 minutes, open the TripLog app once, then press the Home button and it will stay in the background.

    More Troubleshooting

    If you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps and still experience issues with iBeacon, please see the bellow problems and solutions listed bellow:

    • If you are a TripLog user who spends long periods of time in your car while it is idle to take phone calls or some other form of business, it could be that your TripLog is timing out in order to conserve battery and, consequently, missing trips. Please adjust your ‘Timeout’ setting, under TripLog app > Menu Auto Start On, to 10 or 15 minutes (or how ever long you think will encompass your time in your idle vehicle).
    • If you have iPhone 7 or above and your trips stop recording when you plug your phone into your car’s charger, this is because the Bluetooth MAC address changes when you plug in your phone. To fix this issue, please plug your phone into your vehicle and follow the Bluetooth connection steps listed here to set up a Bluetooth-TripLog connection with your car’s charging port.
    • If you are still experiencing issues, the problem must be diagnosed by TripLog Support using your debugging logs. Please follow the steps listed in ‘Generating Debugging Logs’ bellow

    Generating Debugging Logs

    1. Please open TripLog app > Menu > Vehicles > Adjust odometer reading > select any vehicle if it asks > Enter 999999 (six 9s) > Press OK. This will Turn ON your debugging logs.
    2. Now run TripLog as usual. When the issue presents itself again, repeat the steps above, but Enter 000000 (six 0s) and an email addressed to TripLog Support generated with your logs attached.
    3. In your email, please let us know, roughly, what date/time the issue with the trip occurred and then press ‘Send’. We should then be able to diagnose your issue.