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    TripLog Drive™ has a built-in GPS to capture location data and transfer it to the TripLog mobile app for processing through Bluetooth Low Energy. When tracking in RealTime Mode the TripLog Drive does the GPS work and reduces battery drain and data consumption. If you forget to bring your phone or phone battery dies, TripLog Drive™ will track in Offline Mode and later upload to your device when connected again.

    To use TripLog Drive™ with TripLog, you’ll need to purchase a TripLog Drive™.

    Simply plug the TripLog Drive™ into your car’s USB port or cigarette lighter adapter and forget about it! 

    TripLog Drive GPS Mileage Logger

    TripLog Drive GPS Mileage Logger

    Getting started with TripLog Drive™

    TripLog Drive GPS Mileage Tracker Logger TripLog Drive GPS Mileage Tracker Logger TripLog Drive GPS Mileage Tracker Logger

    1. Plug the TripLog Drive device into your car’s USB port or cigarette lighter adapter and turn on the car
    2. Open the TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Auto Start On > Auto Start Option > TripLog Drive™ GPS Mileage Logger.
    3. Open Select TripLog Drive™ > the app will find the device > select the device and choose the vehicle to associate to the TripLog Drive device. No need to manually pair or connect in operating system Bluetooth Settings.
    4. Next time you start the car, within a few seconds, there should be a message on the notification bar that says “TripLog Drive connected. Wait for speed > 5 mph.”
    5. Start driving. Once you reach 5 mph (the speed threshold is configurable) for a second or two, you will hear an alert and another message will appear on the notification bar “Trip auto started. Park and disconnect to end it.”
    6. When you reach the destination, stop and turn off the vehicle. The trip will be stopped within 60 seconds. 

    Lights: Determines the status and Business Activity Assigned to the Trips

    • White: Default Activity (determined by TripLog App > Main Menu > Auto Start settings > Business Hours and related settings)
    • Blue: Business
    • Green: Personal
    • Blinking Light: Acquiring GPS Lock (may use phone GPS during search)
    • Solid Light: Tracking

    How to use the TripLog Drive™ in Offline Mode

    The TripLog Drive has the option to run in Offline Only Mode using the TripLog App to download recorded trips. Here is the guide to setting up that mode.

    If you do forget your device or someone else needs to use your vehicle then the TripLog Drive will continue to work normally in Offline Mode. When you are able to connect your device again with the TripLog Drive, the app will download those offline trips throughout the day. The more trips there are, the longer it may take but they will be moved to your TripLog App and synced with the Web Dashboard as they are available. Typically, one would expect one minute download time for each hour of driving records.

    Need a TripLog Drive™? You can get one here: TripLog Drive™

    TripLog Drive™ Auto Start Troubleshooting – iOS

    There are a few things to check if TripLog doesn’t detect your TripLog Drive™.

    1. Open iOS System Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is on.
    2. Open iOS System Settings > Privacy > Location Services > make sure it’s on, then select TripLog > make sure it is set to ‘Always Allow’.
    3. Make sure it isn’t a problem with your car’s USB charger by testing with the TripLog Drive™ plugged into a computer or wall charger.
    4. The TripLog Drive™ works the best when the USB port is powered on only when the engine is running. If the USB port is always on, the auto start may not work properly. When placing the TripLog Drive™ be conscious of your location as the GPS needs a relatively clear view of the sky.
    5. If you’ve rebooted your phone, it could take up to 15 minutes before TripLog starts detecting the TripLog Drive™ reliably. If it still isn’t working after 15 minutes, open the TripLog app once, then press the Home button and it will stay in the background.