Table of Contents

    1. Turn on GPS from system settings, if you haven’t yet.
    2. Plug in to power (not to PC) Mon – Fri 3AM – 9PM (you can change the activation timeframe in TripLog menu > Settings > Auto Start Settings).
    3. There should be a message on the notification bar “GPS enabled and power plugged in”, and GPS is activated. You can wait for the GPS icon to become solid, meaning it has found the fix.
    4. Start driving. Once you reach 5 mph (the speed threshold is configurable) for a second or two, you will hear an alert and another message will appear on the notification bar “GPS mileage tracking started”.
    5. Optionally, you can monitor the mileage and speed on the TripLog widget (2×2 size preferred).
    6. When you reach the destination, stop the vehicle and unplug the power.
    7. You should see the following: a) the trip form will pop up again; b) the message on the notification bar should go away; c) The mileage and driving time should appear on the trip form; d) The destination location should be found after a few seconds.
    8. The trip form will be open for 10 seconds waiting for you to edit. If you don’t scroll the screen within 10 seconds, it will auto save and close the trip.
    9. If it auto saves, there will be a notification message saying the trip has been saved and optionally you can tap the message to modify the just saved trip.