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    MagicTrip™ fully automatic tracking for iOS

    Auto start with MagicTrip™

    With MagicTrip, the app automatically detects your device’s movement and starts and stops tracking. You can leave the phone in your pocket and trips will be automagically tracked.

    There are some important things to keep in mind when using MagicTrip:

    1. Good GPS reception is the key to accurate and fast movement detection. GPS will take a longer time to locate you when your phone does not have a clear view of the sky and/or when your car is moving. You can adjust your MagicTrip’s responsiveness setting in your auto start settings under TripLog app > Menu > Auto Start On > Responsiveness. The responsiveness of MagicTrip determines how frequently your GPS will run. There could be an offset of one or two miles/kms in your readings due to precision limitations. If you want more accuracy, please set your MagicTrip‘s responsiveness to the “More responsive, more battery use” option. For more information on this setting, please see Personalization.
    2. A trip will be automatically started when the device has been moving at an average speed of 5 mph for 1 – 2 minutes (configurable under TripLog app > Menu > Auto Start On > Speed Threshold). For the trip’s “From” address, the app will backtrack and use the original starting point once it sees you surpass this speed threshold.
    3. A trip will be automatically stopped when there has been no movement for 5 minutes (configurable under TripLog app > Menu > Auto Start On > Timeout).
    4. You can manually stop a trip by opening the TripLog main screen and tapping the red “stop” button.
    5. From the TripLog widget, or the app home page, you can change a trip’s activity or adjust odometer reading during or after the trip. In the app, this can be done by pressing the three vertical dots associated with the trip you wish to edit.

    MagicTrip™ troubleshooting 

    There are a few things to check if MagicTrip™ doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Open iOS System Settings > Privacy > Location Services > TripLog > make sure it is set to ‘Always’.
    2. Do NOT force close the app process. You could do that by double clicking the iPhone Home button and swipe the TripLog window up and out of the screen. When closed, TripLog won’t be able to track mileage.
    3. No app can automatically start itself after the iOS device is rebooted. Therefore, please open TripLog app once, after rebooting your device, then press the Home button and it will stay in the background.
    4. If MagicTrip is slow to respond or sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t, please set the Responsiveness to ‘More Responsive’ in the Auto Start Settings.