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    Auto Start with iBeacon™ on Android

    TripLog integrates seamlessly with the iBeacon technology to automatically detect when your trips start and end.TripLog iBeacon uses Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy (BLE) to detect when your phone is near a beacon.

    The advantages of using iBeacon with TripLog are:

    • TripLog can detect when you are in your car and it is running very reliably.
    • iBeacon has been designed to be energy efficient and minimize battery usage.
    • TripLog will continue to detect when trips start or stop even after the app is force quit or the phone reboots.

    To use iBeacon with TripLog, you’ll need a TripLog Beacon. You simply plug the TripLog Beacon into your car’s USB charger and forget about it! 

    Here is how to use iBeacon with TripLog: 

    1. Open TripLog app > menu > Settings > Auto Start Option > select Detect iBeacon.
    2. Then open Set up iBeacons > Plug the TripLog Beacon into a car USB charger and turn on the car > the app will find the device > select the device.
    3. Then open Link iBeacons to Vehicles > select the iBeacon, and select the Vehicle to link to.
    4. Close the app. Plug the iBeacon into a car USB charger and turn on the car.
    5. Next time when you start the car, within a few seconds, there should be a message on the notification bar that says “iBeacon connected. Wait for speed > 5 mph.”
    6. Start driving. Once you reach 5 mph (the speed threshold is configurable) for a second or two, you will hear an alert and another message will appear on the notification bar “Trip auto started. Park and disconnect to end it.”
    7. When you reach the destination, stop the vehicle. The trip will be stopped within a few minutes.
    Need an iBeacon? You can get one here:

    iBeacon Auto Start Troubleshooting

    There are a few things to check if TripLog doesn’t detect your iBeacon.
    1. Open Android System Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
    2. Open Android Settings > Location > Mode > make sure it is set to ‘High Accuracy’.
    3. Make sure it isn’t a problem with your car USB charger by testing with the iBeacon plugged into a computer or wall charger.
    4. The iBeacon works the best when the USB port is powered on only when the engine is running.  If the USB port is always on, the auto start may not work properly.