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    Auto start with Car Bluetooth for iOS

     If your vehicle has Bluetooth capabilities or you have a Bluetooth device in your vehicle (see bellow), you can set TripLog to automatically start recording your trips when your phone is connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. Please follow these steps to set up the connection:
    1. Open TripLog app > Menu > Auto Start on > Auto Start Option > Connect to car Bluetooth.
    2. Make sure your Bluetooth device is turned on, then go to Auto Start Settings > Select Car Bluetooth > check the Bluetooth devices that you would like to trigger auto start > then select the vehicle they belong to.
    3. Close the app. Disconnect your phone from the Bluetooth device, then reconnect to it.
    4. There should be a message on the notification bar that says “Bluetooth connected, wait for speed over 5 mph”.
    5. Start driving. Once you reach 5 mph (the speed threshold is configurable) for a second or two, you will hear an alert and another message will appear on the notification bar “GPS mileage tracking started”.
    6. When you reach the destination, stop the vehicle and disconnect from the Bluetooth device (usually just turn the device off). The trip will be stopped

    Your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth audio? No problem. Optionally, you can get a Bluetooth car kit that works in the same way. For example: 

    Need a Bluetooth Car Kit? You can get one here: