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    Common reason auto start stopped working

    Usually when you are on the home screen and connect to power (or your Bluetooth device), a TripLog notification message will pop up indicatinting its status. However, after being idle for a long time or after phone reboot,

    However, TripLog could be kicked out of your device’s memory, causing it to not respond when you plug your device into a power source.

    Your can check whether Auto Start is still on by seeing if the GPS icon is currently in the top notification bar.

    If this happens, you can simply open the TripLog App again and it will initiate the Auto Start process. You can close TripLog afterwards and it will stay in the background on your device.

    There are a few things to check if Auto Start doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Please confirm that you are using the current version of TripLog. If you are not using the current version please update to the latest version here:
    2. Open Android Settings > Location > Mode > make sure it is set to ‘High Accuracy’.
    3. On Android 6 or above, open Android Settings > Apps > TripLog > Permissions > Location > ON.
    4. Make sure the phone is not put in Battery Saver mode.
    5. Rebooting the device sometimes does the trick.
    6. Please also add TripLog widget (2×2 size preferred) to Android home screen to monitor the tracking status.