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    TripLog seamlessly integrates with Abila MIP to make a custom fit perfect for your non-profit organization! This guide will give an overview of how to setup and use TripLog to upload your mileage to Abila MIP.

    Getting Started

    To initiate a connection with Abila MIP, please follow these steps:

    1. Please navigate to
    2. Click ‘Connect to Abila MIP’, a pop up will then appear.
    3. On the pop up, please enter your Abila MIP username and password then click the blue and white button labeled ‘Connect’

    Set up Accounts Payable Invoices for Abila MIP

    You can upload TripLog mileage as an accounts payable invoice to Abila MIP, however, TripLog will need a little bit of information on your Abila MIP customizations and preferences first. Please follow these instructions to link TripLog and Abila in a way that best suits your organization’s needs:

    1. Please navigate to
    2. You can configure your upload settings, please click click ‘Abila MIP Settings’ or ‘Set Up Abila MIP’ in the top right corner.
      1. First, you will need to link your TripLog users with your Abila MIP vendors.
        • This will make a connection such that mileage expenses submitted to Abila MIP through TripLog will be attributed to the appropriate vendor within Abila MIP.
        • Please click ‘Link Users’ to link each TripLog user to the correct vendor in Abila MIP. You will be able to select the appropriate Abila MIP vendor for each TripLog user from a drop-down menu
      2. Additionally, you will need to specify your preferred values of your custom fields for the Accounts Payable Invoice document
        • To specify these fields, please click ‘Set Up Invoice Document’
        • You will be able to select the appropriate option for each field for both the credit and debit entry for each field either via a drop down menu or by entering the value as free text.
    3. When uploading mileage to Abila MIP, TripLog will not create a new Accounts Payable Invoice session, but rather allow you to choose the session in your Abila MIP account that you would like to upload to. If you do not already have an Accounts Payable Invoice Session on your Abila MIP account that you would like mileage to be uploaded to, please create one in Abila MIP.
    4. Once you have configured the custom upload settings to your satisfaction and created a session in Abila MIP, you are now ready to upload your mileage.
    5. To upload your mileage to Abila MIP, please first search for the mileage you wish to upload using the search criteria section on the left side of the page (circled in red on the screenshot). The mileage that will be uploaded to Abila MIP will appear on the table on the right side of the page (circled in blue on the screenshot).
    6. When you are ready to upload the mileage, please click the green button labeled ‘Upload to Abila MIP’. This will produce a pop-up window
    7. In the pop up window, you can select the invoice date you would like to apply to the upload as well as the Abila MIP Accounts Payable Invoice Session you would like to upload mileage to from a drop down menu. The invoice’s document date, effective date, and due date will be the same as the upload date. When you are satisfied with the upload date and session, please click ‘Upload’. This will upload your mileage to Abila MIP

    Here is an example of how an Accounts Payable Mileage Invoice looks in TripLog (top and middle image) compared to how it looks when uploaded to Abila MIP (bottom image):



    • How do I disconnect from Abila MIP?
    • When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, in real-time. Are there any settings related to synchronizing?
      • Syncing data from TripLog to Abila MIP is done manually. For more information on how to upload your TripLog mileage to Abila MIP, please scroll up and review ‘Set up Accounts Payable Invoices for Abila MIP’.
    • If you have any questions about the Abila MIP-TripLog integration that have not been answered here, please contact us with your question at